Do you have simple accounting needs? Are your income and expenses mostly in cash form? Are you thinking of not spending too much on software to do bookkeeping? Flagship CashBank may just be the cloud-based accounting application you need.

It is simple, inexpensive, easy to use and meets all requirements for a complete accounting system for cash and bank transactions. You can start keeping your books by entering all your transactions and end up with the profit and loss account and balance sheet to see if you making or losing money and what assets and liabilities you have.

If you do not have many transactions, you can get Flagship CashBank absolutely free to use and when your transactions increase, you can upgrade for a low fee.
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Who Can Use Flagship CashBank?

•   Individuals keeping personal accounting records
•   Charities
•   Non-government organisations
•   Non-profit organisations
•   Hawkers
•   Night market traders
•   Companies providing services
•   Companies who issue and/or receive a small number of invoices a month
•   Resident associations and groups
•   Small project managers
•   Event managers
•   Schools
•   Kindergartens
•   And more...

Features And Benefits

•   Manage cash and bank receipts and payments
•   Manage journal adjustments
•   Print petty cash vouchers, payment vouchers and journal vouchers
•   Print chart of accounts, trial balance, group report and general ledger
•   Prepare and print bank reconciliation statements
•   Print the profit and loss account for current year-to-date, current month versus current year-to-date and 12 months
•   Print the balance sheet for current year, current year versus last year and 12 months
•   Personalise the company name
•   Manage an unlimited number of users who can access the application
•   Limit which modules a user can access
•   Available for use 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
•   Use it from multiple locations at the same time by multiple users
•   Includes automatic unlimited updates and email and phone support
•   No installation is necessary

System Requirements

•   Internet connection
•   Any modern web browser
•   Any device with a screen resolution of at least 1366 x 768

Free Evaluation

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